Public offer (User Agreement)

Public offer on March 7, 2023.

Nadezhda E. Zheleznova, who is a registered payer of professional income tax (TIN 971800605101) in accordance with Federal Law No. 422-FZ of 27.11.18 (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor), offers individuals (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) to conclude an agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the following conditions.

1. Subject

1.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide services, and the Customer undertakes to pay for the Contractor's services under the terms of this agreement.

Types and names of services the list of topics, the form of implementation of classes, the period of provision of services and other necessary characteristics are indicated in the description of the Contractor's services on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). The cost of services is indicated on the Contractor's website. This information is an integral part of the Contract.
– The customer chooses the service on any nested pages of the Site;
– The customer fills out the order form on the page of the selected service;
– The customer pays for the selected service;
– The customer has the right to choose and pay for any number of services.

1.2. The cost of services includes: a simple non-exclusive license for the right to access and private reproduction of text, graphic and audiovisual materials, tests and video lectures for the duration of the Contract without the right to sublicense, distribute or alienate them;
other services according to the tariffs of the selected service.

2. Rights and obligations

2.1. The Customer and the Contractor are obliged to:
– not disclose any information and documents related to the Contract, except for the exceptions provided for in the Contract, without prior written consent, for an unlimited period;
– if the details are changed, notify each other about it no later than 5 calendar days from the date of the change, otherwise the fulfillment of obligations under the previous details will be considered appropriate and timely;
– provide each other with complete information affecting the performance of the Contract;
– not to assign the rights of claim under the Contract without written mutual consent;
– resolve all disagreements in a mandatory pre-trial procedure.

2.2. The Contractor is obliged to

– post on the website up-to-date and complete information about the services, including the content, terms and cost of training, types, number and timing of events and courses;
– to provide services efficiently, in a timely manner and in strict accordance with the terms of the Contract.

2.3. The Customer is obliged to:

– independently pay for the purchase of the necessary literature and Internet access;
– to ensure and maintain the availability of sufficient money on the balance of the payment card for full payment of services;
– make payment for services;
– personally pass or provide personal passage to students (in case of conclusion of a contract in favor of the student) of all the activities of the selected distance course within the time limits set by the Contractor;
– independently track the start date of the provision of services.

2.4. The Customer has the right to:

– receive complete and reliable information from the Contractor on the issue! ' concerning services under the contract;
– to cancel the contract unilaterally at any time, subject to payment for the Services actually rendered until the termination of the contract.

2.5. The Contractor has the right to:

– terminate the contract unilaterally upon establishing the fact of violation by the Customer/Students of the conditions specified for the provision of services, as well as in case of violation by the Customer of the provisions of this Agreement;

– to involve third parties of their choice for the execution of this Agreement.

3. Cost of services and payment procedure

3.1. The cost of services is not subject to value added tax due to the application of a special tax regime (self—employed) and can be paid by any third party acting in the interests of the Customer, including an individual entrepreneur, parent or guardian.

3.2. In order to pay for the services, the Customer or a third party acting in the interests of the Participant transfers the payment card data to the limited liability company NCO "Yumani" LLC .

3.3. The cost of each service is automatically debited from the payment card of the Customer or a person acting in the interests of the Customer. The order and amount of payment depends on the tariff of the selected service or product and is indicated on the page or on nested pages.

4. Rights to the results of creative activity

4.1. The Customer authorizes the Contractor to use the educational materials and the results of classes developed by him during the execution of the Contract for informational, polemical, advertising, commercial and marketing purposes, with or without specifying the author's name and without payment of royalties, with the right to change and rework.

5. Liability and force majeure circumstances

5.1. The Customer and the Contractor are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations due to force majeure circumstances certified by the certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

5.2. If third parties submit claims or claims to the Contractor related to the violation by the Customer of the rights of third parties, the Customer undertakes to settle such claims independently and at his own expense or fully compensate the Contractor's expenses caused by such claims or claims.

5.3. The total liability of the Contractor for any claims and/or claims (including, but not exclusively, for non-fulfillment of the terms of the Offer) cannot exceed the amount of the payment paid. By the Customer for the service of the Contractor.

5.4. By accepting this Offer, the Customer confirms his awareness of the status of the Contractor's education, his competence and has no claims against them.

5.5. The Contractor is not responsible:
– for interruptions in the work of sites , for insufficient quality or speed of data provision, for complete or partial loss of any data posted on the site, or for causing any other losses to the Customer when using the sites;
– for the content of third-party resources, links to which are posted on the sites;
– for non-compliance of the Service content with the Customer's expectations;
– for obtaining a result that does not meet the expectations of the Customer.

6. Personal data

6.1. The Customer authorizes the Contractor to process his personal data and grants him the right to collect, systematize, accumulate, store, update, modify, use them for any other purposes that do not contradict the law and the Contract.

6.2. The Customer confirms that his name, surname, phone number, e-mail address correspond to reality and can be used by the Executor. for purposes that do not contradict the Agreement.

6.3. By specifying the necessary information on the website, the Customer agrees to receive information messages to the e-mail address specified during registration.

6.4. The responsibility for the safety of the Customer's payment card details is borne by LLC NCO "Yumani"

7. Validity period, amendments and termination procedure

7.1. The Agreement is valid from the moment of acceptance — sending the order form for the selected service — until the last day of the paid service in accordance with the selected tariff.

7.2. The duration of each service is described on the services page.

7.3. The Offer is valid from the date of publication on the website until the date of withdrawal.

7.4. The Customer has the right to refuse the selected services by notifying the Contractor by e-mail . The refusal of services is considered accepted on the third business day after receipt of the notification. The refusal of one service does not automatically entail the refusal of the other services. Refusal of all services entails termination of the Contract.

7.5. If the Customer has notified the Contractor of the refusal of the service before the start date, the cost of the services will be refunded in full.

7.6. The Contractor has the right to change the Contract without notifying the Customer. The Customer undertakes to monitor the changes himself. The contract is considered concluded on new terms on the day of publication of the new Offer on the website.

7.7. E—mails sent from the Customer's address specified when ordering services are recognized as signed with a simple electronic signature - an analogue of a handwritten signature.