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Mr. Bud is a part of a limited edition. There are currently 10 items in the series. Each of the pieces is cast, polished and painted by hand, which ma`kes every piece unique and different from others.

Creation of affordable but unique art objects is one of my goals as an artist. Mr. Bud is a bright example of such work. This is a middle ground between exclusive artwork and prosaic mass production.

Mr. Bud is quite sturdy but I suggest to be gentle with him. You can clean him with water but do not soak him. Keep him away from fire and kids. Mr. Bud is not suitable for small children. Mr. Bud is grumpy, because he was pulled out of the flower bed before he was given a chance to grow. But Mr. Bud will be all right — he will find comfort in good hands that support him.

The objects are sold in a set: Mr.Bud and Stand “In good hands”. The object is packed in a box.

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